Incubated Start-ups

Aurox - Alumnus

Aurox develops a novel headband to treat discomforts and to improve well-being.

✔ USP: Customized cooling, portability, no harmful side effects

🎯 Target markets: Well-being, quality of life (discomforts, concentration problems, fatigue, etc.)

🚀 Space connection: Radionuclide batteries generate electric energy via thermoelectric modules. Aurox applies electric energy to thermoelectric modules in order to precisely control temperature


Drone Rescue Systems - Alumnus

… the autonomous parachute rescue solution for safe commercial drone usage.

✔ USP: Safe BVLOS flights; risk minimization; positioning relevance for insurance-/liability – solution; customization; new usage possibilities; registration advantages

🎯 Target markets: Commercial drone manufacturers and users; multicopters, Rotor-wing, Fixed-wing

🚀 Space connection: GNSS relevance for insurance-/liability – solution; Flight path recording; Flight termination system


Refarmo - Alumnus

Refarmo is a new digital tool to convert remote sensing data into precise irrigation plans.

✔ USP: Minimizing water usage, maximizing irrigation results

🎯 Target markets: Agriculture, Golf

🚀 Space connection: Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2, Meteosat data


Robotic Eyes - Alumnus

B2B software and services for Mixed Reality applications. The REX product family enables architects, planners and builders to present holographic models of their buildings at full scale and on the future construction site.

✔ USP: Walk-through holographic models at full size on site. Much lower cost than 3D-Renderings or VR solutions.

🎯 Target markets: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Safety, …

🚀 Space connection: Precision positioning and visual tracking. Terrain and feature extraction from space imagery


Sentinel Hub - Alumnus

Sentinel Hub is a set of value added services, facilitating worldwide satellite data to optimize processes in agriculture – governments and businesses – and later in other fields.

✔ USP: valuable information, not just imagery pixels, global reach, cost optimized
🎯 Target market(s): Agriculture – common agriculture policy and prevision farming (to be extended in the future)
🚀 Space Connection: Satellite imagery (all open datasets)


Aeroficial Intelligence - Alumnus

Aeroficial Intelligence provides customized business insights and solutions to the aviation industry to improve its operational efficiency and to maintain equal playing fields

✔ USP: Business Intelligence Tool from data generation, data processing and direct transformation into customized business solutions and market insights
🎯 Target market(s): Aviation Industry
🚀 Space Connection: Usage and processing of GNSS signals as well as surveillance application like ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast)


CropOM - Alumnus

CropOM is a crop monitoring and alert system with ready-to-use file creation for variable rate technology (VRT). CropOM is a B2B solution for Agriculture IT companies.

✔ USP: Expand the services of Agriculture IT companies
🎯 Target market(s): Agriculture IT, Precision Farming
🚀 Space Connection: Optical remote sensing using satellite imagery (Sentinel-2)


Joysys - Alumnus

Joysys is specialized on the development and distribution of medical products. In particular, we develop and sell mobile devices for measurement and recording of the heart rhythm, and the determination of the heart rate variability (HRV), heart rate flexibility (HRF) and other important parameters.

✔ USP: Visualize health –enable behavioral changes
🎯 Target market: Doctors, Pharmacists, Athletes, Sports Therapists, Psychologists, Specialists in Burnout Prevention, Health Manager, Workplace Health Managers
🚀 Space connection: The interesting properties of HRV in describing the health status of individuals are determined with specially built sensors in the project AUSTROMIR 1991.



IceKing aims to create a virtuous cycle between sustainable tourism on glaciers and scientific research, to tackle important challenges facing our society, including climate change, water and energy management.

✔ USP: Build a community around sustainable tourism and citizen science on glaciers.
🎯 Target market: Sustainable tourism, water and energy management
🚀 Space connection: Combining satellite EO data with in-situ geo-referenced crowd-sourced glacier images.


capacity - Alumnus

Consultancy in running ICO’s, implementing blockchain technology and accompany businesses integrating cutting-edge distributed ledger solutions. Capacity core expertise is to access emerging distributed peer-to-peer blockchain based storage networks.

✔ USP: Capacity’s distributed storage solution offers crucial advantages over centralized cloud storage (uptime, bandwidth, locality, robustness,...)
🎯 Target market: Encrypted storage network user (Private & Enterprise; globally)
🚀 Space connection: Capacity’s distributed storage solution provides the necessary solutions for current space-related data storage concerns


eMentalist - Alumnus

The eMentalist is the automated data scientist, which identifies opportunities and trends for your investments and your business before they become obvious.

✔ USP: Easy and scalable application of artificial Intelligence, accurate and cost effective predictive analytics in real time, leveraging crowd intelligence and combination of different sources
🎯 Target market: B2B, B2B2C, B2C, European large companies
🚀 Space connection: Complex prediction models considering novelties and correlation of data


STAP - Alumnus

STAP is developing specialised monitoring solutions with seamless indoor and outdoor tracking. It integrates sensor data as well as it is doing fusion of all measured and calculated data. Systems are designed especially for airports to increase safety, security and efficiency in regard of rules from IATA, ICAN and EUROCONTROL

✔ USP: High precise localization, status detection with sensors and communication technology for air cargo, especially for Unit Load Devices (“ULD” or air cargo flight container)
🎯 Target market: airport manager, ground handler, air-cargo companies, airlines, airport equipment manufacturer
🚀 Space connection: GNSS localization with standard and high precise technologies like DGPS and EGNOS in combination with GSM and/or direct satellite communication



We are putting you back in control of your data!

With our Portmaster we protect your data on the device with our adaptive Application Firewall With our High-Tech Network Gate17 we protect your data on the Internet with an intelligent routing algorithms.

✔ USP: Internet privacy, free access to information…
🎯 Target market: Cutting edge, privacy first Solution, which is easy to use
🚀 Space connection: Anomaly detection and advanced root cause analysis



The vision of Lympik is to increase the motivation and fun for sports and outdoor exercises. Lympik will be the platform for connecting personal training, leisure sports and outdoor-game performances with the advantages of social media.

✔ USP: Personalized, real-time sport results on your mobile devices and performance analytics.
🎯 Target market: Initially professional & amateur sports, later leisure sports, schools and playgrounds.
🚀 Space connection: Using GNSS for highly accurate timing and positioning data.



Accurision GmbH, based in Lustenau/Austria, develops the high-precision, satellite-based positioning sensor GUIDANCE™ – a small but crucial component for autonomous driving.

Galileo E5 AltBOC Code Sensor GUIDANCE™: Use the world's most advanced GNSS signal for unparalleled robustness while achieving the required accuracy and precision in dynamic rural and urban environments necessary for autonomous driving.

✔ USP: GUIDANCE™ uses the world's most advanced GNSS signals for unparalleled robustness while achieving the required accuracy and precision in dynamic rural and urban environments necessary for autonomous driving. The GUIDANCE™ GNSS sensor technology will be available for easy integration into the customer’s sensor fusion engine.
🎯 Target market: Automotive
🚀 Space connection: Our GUIDANCE™ solution uses GNSS signals, and services provided by Galileo like the Galileo E6 High Accuracy Commercial Service and EGNOS



Perigee is a software platform that enables organizations to find prospective donors based on satellite data and social media sentiment analysis. By identifying social interest among users and the ability to target them directly, donation income increases up to 40+%. Perigee has been designed in close cooperation with leading NGOs and is fully integrated into existing decision-making workflows. The service aims to close the funding gaps via innovative, user friendly and transparent approaches.

✔ USP: Reduces fundraising costs, maximises income and minimizes the workload for fundraisers significantly.
🎯Target Market
Initial market entry in the GSA / DACH region, followed by a worldwide rollout
🚀 Space Connection
Perigee uses state-of-the-art emergency services like Copernicus EMS to trigger its analytical engine and translates satellite data into actionable knowledge for a wide range of users.



AT SPACE offers smaller, lighter and higher performing functional materials and products for satellites, satellite constellations, propulsion systems and thermal management solutions.

✔ USP: unique solutions for compact and cost-efficient propulsion systems, high performance thermal management and smart material concepts.
🎯 Target market: New-Space Applications, Satellites, Constellations
🚀 Space connection: Satellite Constellations, Cube Sats ...


Space-Lock Dynamics – Alumni

Space-Lock Dynamics answers the evolving market need for affordable components for space applications. We combine global industrial production lines with local creation of value and our space expertise. This enables Space-Lock Dynamics to supply the satellite industry with the most affordable components, thus further increasing our customers‘ competitiveness.

✔ USP: Space-Lock Dynamics will provide the most affordable components for space applications.
🎯 Target market: Constellations and mega-constellations of satellites.
🚀 Space connection: Space-Lock Dynamics‘ products will be used on board of satellites.



Garnet GmbH – We make the toughest data tags on the market
Garnet is a high-tech company developing hardware solutions for digitalizing industries (tags and sensors).
Our Garnet MV Space Tag solution is the toughest data tag on the market capable of storing large volumes of data while being fully operational in all kinds of harsh environments.
We believe that data is the cornerstone for companies to stay competitive, and we offer a solution that helps them create a data controlled system with easy and robust data management capabilities at item level.

✔ USP: Next-generation serialisation solution that upgrades product tracking to data aggregation about products: data is stored both on the product and in an information system, thus enabling companies to monitor and analyse product performance over the life cycle.
🎯 Target market: Serialisation technologies for process digitalisation and data-controlled environments.
🚀 Space connection: Toughest data tag for components and materials.


Spaceflight and Aging Research Consultancy

The company addresses an important issue in medical care: bedrest induced deconditioning that can lead to falls and falls-related injuries.

The company aims at developing devices that improve muscle strength, cardiovascular system thus leading to better health and reduction in falls. The device is easy to use, and can be mounted on a hospital bed, or as a portable device on any bed at home.

The device will reduce cost of care, improve recovery and reduce deaths arising due to complications of falls as well as improve quality of life of senior citizens.

✔ USP: The device offers a unique selling preposition both in quantitative (less time in bed, less costs of care, etc) but also qualitative (easy to use either hospitals and at homes, cheap, assured safety) ways. No similar device exists in the market.
🎯 Target market: Hospitals & older persons at home
🚀 Space connection: An innovative intervention that is currently used for maintaining astronauts’ health in spaceflight (resistive vibration exercise, RVE, device) is proposed as a tool in Geriatric care. The project extends the space agencies concept of “Life in Space for Life on Earth”.



Audili develops hyperspectral data analytics for soil nutrient prediction – enabling everyone everywhere to gain affordable insights and optimize their operations.

✔ USP: Remote soil nutrient analysis
🎯 Target market: Agriculture, Precision Farming
🚀 Space connection: Use of multi /hyperspectral satellite imagery


GEMMA Technology OG

GEMMA Technology OG, an ESA incentivized company, is opening a completely new domain of conversion from electric to kinetic and back to electric energy. It is based on a patent-pending invention which uses RF instead of DC or AC current. Living the spirit of Nikola Tesla: „Think in terms of frequency, energy and vibration!“

✔ USP: Goal: World Record 26+ kW/kg, no moving parts, no lubricants, no liquids, no rare earths.
🎯 Target market: Powertrain Automotive; Aeronautics; Space Applications (e.g. Thrust Vector Control); High torque, low rpm electric generators
🚀 Space connection: Perfect electric – kinetic transformer for cryogenic conditions (moon car). Spin-in for thrust vector control for rockets.


LGN Innovations GmbH

LGN Innovations helps companies develop autonomous systems to achieve higher levels of autonomy.

✔ USP: LGN combines high-bandwidth sensor data and improve perception within bandwidth constraints.
🎯 Target market: autonomous vehicles, mapping and smart surveillance.
🚀 Space connection: Use of satellite imagery at various resolutions.


Blue Planet Ecosystems

We turn sunlight into seafood.
✔USP: We turn sunlight into seafood and use the power of nature without exploiting it.
🎯 Target market: Our customers are farmers, agro-industrial companies, retailers, entrepreneurs, airlines, governments, investors and any organization that wants to produce organic, sustainable seafood close to end-consumers.
🚀 Space connection: To cite ESA: "Blue Planet Ecosystems offers a sustainable, globally applicable option for the economical production of protein by means of space technology."



Your entire Machine Learning life cycle in one platform

✔USP: This unique selling proposition means that user generated public data, AI models, data visualization and data processing can be used immediately by everyone in a single environment. This network effect accelerates the innovative power of our target groups enormously, since ML projects do not always have to be developed from scratch but can build on existing projects very easily and quickly.
🎯 Target market: MLreef is designed to work for a broad range of customer segments, from academia, individual data scientists, small teams (2 – 3 individuals) and enterprises.
🚀 Space connection: Data gathered by ESA´s Earth Observatory (EO) is an ideal base for many scientific and commercial ML applications. In this context, MLReef provides a short bridge to a holistic ML environment to create downstream research and commercial application. The aim at ESA BIC is to define and develop technical data integrations with leading EO based data providers (EODC, TU Vienna, DIAS).



Precise measurement data, ingenious reports, reliable alerting. In real-time. Guaranteed.

✔USP: Full range service provider for bullet proof documentation and alerting with reliable IoT and BigData technologies.
🎯 Target market: Construction Companies, Real Estate Management (sensitive buildings, public venues), Museums, Zoos, Libraries with archives, Mines, Metro Stations
🚀 Space connection: ESA's know how on anomaly investigation and novelty detection in telemetry data is the key to efficient and high quality data control, which unlocks the potential of DocTec's IoT approach to offer bullet proof documentation with timeseries data.


Team Tumbleweed

The Tumbleweed is a next-generation Mars rover that enables large scale rapid exploration. The wind-driven rovers are deployed in swarms and dropped over the Martian poles.
While strong winds propel them towards the equator, they collect valuable data on-the-roll. Bringing the CubeSat concept to Mars, we make the Red Planet accessible for researchers, universities, and businesses.

✔USP: We provide a significantly cheaper, faster, and mechanically more simple rover in a modular fashion to a larger audience.
🎯 Target market: We provide our solution to space agencies, universities, and private space companies.
🚀 Space connection: At the core of our project we strive to accelerate the exploration of Mars.